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Saratoga Palliative Blog

Welcome to Saratoga Palliative and Family Health NPs blog. Weekly I am going to post thoughts, stories, events, articles about palliative care and the impact our health has on our lives. Palliative is not about death and dying. Palliative care is about empowering the patient at a time when they are feeling the most vulnerable...when they are sick. Some of my most enlightening moments as a nurse practitioner has been when I am kneeling by the bedside of a dying patient or sitting in front of a patient talking to them about their health and their symptoms from their diseases and my goal, just for a few minutes, is to help my patient feel loved, strength, and peace. It's these moments that I am very thankful for my career choice as a nurse practitioner. I am humbled and thankful to be able to take care of so many wonderful patients.

Through this blog we will take a weekly journey together to approach topics within palliative care to help strengthen each other, encourage each other, and empower each other. What is palliative care...it is a way for all of us to refocus our goals, not just our goals for our healthcare, but also within all aspects of our lives spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Palliative care is all about empowerment in all stages of our medical health and care.


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