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Palliative Care Center

Amy Balog, ACHPN, FNP-BC


Maximize your quality of life!

Our goal at the Palliative Care Center is to incorporate a team approach to maximize your quality of life.  "If you want to travel quickly, go alone.  But if you want to travel far, you must go together."  - African Proverb


We are a nurse practitioner owned and operated clinic. We offer family health services and palliative care consults and treatment. Our medical model is to PROACTIVELY care for you and your family through a holistic and patient centered goals approach and WHOLE FAMILY CARE. As part of our palliative care service we will work TOGETHER with your primary care and other specialties to care for your whole being.

Palliative care is focused on preventing and treating debilitating effects of serious and chronic illnesses. Palliative care can be provided at the time of diagnosis and involves pain relief and other symptoms...

Unique Palliative and Family Health Clinic...

  • Small Business

  • Autonomous Practice

  • Nurse Practitioner Owned and Operated since 2017

  • Our goal is to be proactive instead of reactive with your health

  • Our goal is to provide caregiver support and WHOLE Family Care

We Provide:

  • Telemedicine/Video Visits for patients

  • Holistic approach through partnering with community practitioners to treat the mind and body

  • Palliative Care Consults and Management

  • Early Advance Care Planning Sessions

  • Family Practice/Primary Care Management

  • Symptom management through a palliative perspective, and a holistic approach.

  • Caregiver support/whole family care 

  • Home Visits

  • Social Work

  • Chaplain Services

  • Compounding Pharmacist

  • Nutrition Counselor

  • Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition

  • Massage Therapy

  • Art Therapy

  • Writing for Wellness Workshops

  • Pet Therapy

  • Same Day Sick Appointments

  • Assist with Pet Re-homing for our Terminally Ill Patient

About Us:

Only independent Nurse Practitioner palliative care clinic in New York.

Nurse practitioners have either a Master's or Doctorate degree. They are licensed, autonomous clinicians who are qualified, skilled, and are authorized to assess, interpret labs and diagnostic tests, diagnose illness and disease and prescribe medication. Under the New York Modernization Act of 2015, a nurse practitioner can practice without the oversight of a physician after 3,600 hours of training....


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